Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Love knows by Richard Schemmerer

"Imagine all the people holding hands for the same dram" painting by Richard Schemmerer

Love knows by Richard Schemmerer

Imagine Nature not as our enemy but our provider our mother body.
Imagine Potery could talk to you you or shape shift and become a loved one
Imagine clay as the mediator that brings awareness of these facts
Imagine beauty captured in every form with a glace of joy
Imagine Lover that is free to give because

Love doesn't need permission

Love knows that freedom is not a desease
but a Human right everyone on the planet should be able
to have and be able to use in a responsible matter

The streets are alive
pulsating with visual stimulation
like squids in a feeding frenzy
the street belongs to us just like love
and on these streets we unite
to fight the fight of the just at heart

meet me at the corner where Pride meets its monsters
where honor sharpens its sword
to dance the last dance in togetherness

Saturday, November 26, 2016

"The world as we know it" by Richard Schemmerer

The world as we knew it doesn't exist anymore

To paint is like letting the unconscious drive to an unknown destiny but not everybody knows when we have arrived. The artist is the guy with the hand non the breaks and when he pulls it the goal has been reached.

Every painting I paint tries to be like a post card I am sending from a place that doesn't exist but should. It is an invitation for others to visit these places inside of them and then to share how they felt about it.

Communication has been driven into overdrive but it stays on the surface of our possibilities. An abstract painting allows for a whole different way of viewing which will lead to authentic self reflection rather then shallow imitation.

The world is not an oyster but a super highway of conflicting interest all rushing to succeed in their preconceived agendas. The world as we knew it doesn't exist anymore no matter how hard we try to recreate it in our memory bank.

Just like paint on a canvas that is surging for new forms and shapes we are in the process to congeal a very different way of living apart in togetherness.

"communication overdrive"

'Utopia repackaged"

"if you float your boat don't do it in dry dock"

"a hole in the Earth"

all art by Richard Schemmerer

The beam in our eye" by Richard Schemmerer

"The beam in our Eye"

Is it like having egg on your face being some how marked by failure. Life is like a recruitment agency, a gas station for emotional spiritual and economic fuel. What fuels us and what happens when we consume the wrong fuel.

The road of redemption is long and as long we keep asking the questions there is hope.
Is there value in pain, a poetry in suffering, a bliss in the fall from grace and is there a teaching for everyone in every situation?
When we see the world with a beam in our eyes we can't recognize the forest that contains all trees.

What confronts us? What allows us to be the judge and is life a trap set up by a joker?

I dare us to stop what we are doing, thinking we'll get by by making assumptions about the life of others. I asks us to engage not in a gossipy way but have a deeper look at the havoc that awaits us if we don't share our compassion and love.

Because when we feel isolated we become pray of our own and others fantasies not all of them are beneficial some of them are deadly.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Endless Road by Richard Schemmerer

"Endless Road"

Somtimes life is like an endless road other times it is like a short cut.
I Am, therefore I think I am more then the sum of my particles.

The streets are alive pulsating with visual stimulation
like liquid squids in a feeding frenzy in a home aquarium.

Exuberant, vibrant, unhinged, scary are words that come to mind
a mind when exposed to the truth is trying to dig a new hole

to disappear in because it feels itself disappearing
in the every day bombardment of a psyche blowing its circuits in a visual orgy

that satisfies the self on many different levels but also rapes us
of the human aspects that make us worth of superior thoughts

that travel on an endless road looping about wars and who can win them
but can't be won without leaving a field of losers behind

that will resurrect as the ghost from the past and
and will hunt us down until the day of reckoning

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Painting on the streets of life by Richard Schemmerer

"Painting on the streets of life"
photography by Richard Schemmerer

dripping paint fresh like skin and bones
like the song that warps itself around the moment
like the rebellion of a reborn soul
an alligator born into life as a human being
to make love with the smile of longing and knowing

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Still stranded or in memory of lost days on Alberta Street by Richard Schemmerer

at the museum of street art in your neck of the burbs

Still stranded on Alberta Street a Satire for starving artists

There it was an empty gallon of Umpqua Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream right smack in the middle on my kitchen counter. No wonder my head was spinning like a DJ’s turn table scratching its thoughts slowly across my memory bank not ready yet to jump onto the intellectual highway.

What had happened? Oh yeah I went to a nice soiree at the Portland Art Museum at the Fred & Suzanne Fields Ballroom in the Mark Building, to be very specific ,for a welcoming reception for the new Curator of photography Julia Dolan.

It was one of those free food and drinks & mix & mingle, which I have no clue how I was so lucky to get on the guest list of the who is who in photography of Portland and I could do some name dropping like from Christopher Rauschenberg up and down.

I chatted up Eva Lake, Seth Nehil and the lovely Kelly Rauer and the famous Lady Collector with the big glasses and the big white hair whose name I can’t recall right now but my low self esteem told me that I felt that uptown was to down town for me and that I needed a little reality check of where I belong.

I went on to Last Thursday on Alberta Street which might have been more reality than I was ready for to handle all at one place and space at the same time.

This is the real Happening where the future is cooked up in small pipes of pot where I get my mojo flowing and catch fire flies with my shutterbug. My big fat Nikon had just burned out, probably one of these newish huge sun flares and of course there was no more warranty even on the camera body even though I had thought that I had a life time on it.

I had a memory flash of a commercial that said “Everything is built to last” but I was wrong it was “Lasts only until it breaks”.

Anyway the picturesque scene was worth the price I had just doled out for a the quick shot Kodak that was all I could afford and I was handling now like a toy camera to capture life as it unfolds in the hope that these shots would end up one day in the faults of the big Museum looked and watched over by Julia Dolan if she can handle the Portland rain for that long.

I mean as long as it will take until someone realizes my amazing talents and stops ignoring them like my last show at Blue Sky Gallery on that wall you are not allowed to talk about where I presented my photographical historical document of the changes and developments on Alberta Street but I guess it was not exotic enough not a slum in the Philippines or a reportage on the life of midgets.

Anyway I don’t want to sound bitter because I am not.

To make a story of a long night short Alberta was cooking up a human stew and I was feeling the vibe of the street that bursts now with vibrant creativity and had come such a long way from the City blight, the Ghetto it once was before the gays and the artists and the anarchist or all of the above had seen its potential, before the hipster came out of the wood works of Smalls Ville to take it over as if it was created for them.

Friends that helped it along like Chris Haberman and Jonny Tragedy where still hanging out on this curious night trying to recapture the olden days from 5 years ago when we were all worried that Starbucks would come in and make a generic wasteland out of a vital neighborhood.

And then there she was the Goddess of Alberta Street, the mouth piece that believed in change and commanded it, Harriet Hasenfest and it almost was like the good old times. We hugged knowingly in the middle of thousands who didn’t know who we were and didn’t care about that it was us that made this spectacle possible, it was us that seeded it and now they can walk for 20 plus blocks without worrying for being shot at or robbed.

All they have to do now is enjoy a stroll into the future on the road that was paved by others Like Donna and Alan, the less ignorant but the ones with a vision and I wondered if these kids have had a chance yet to contemplate what their vision of the world was and if they were willing to put out for it not just take what others had provided.

Look what you’ve created I said smiling and proud to Harriet but she just said that’s not what I had in mind I might be partly responsible but they took it and ran off with it dragged it to the other side of commercialism but never the less commercialism.

They are like kids I said that found the perfect playground and they come and they ravage it and then they leave as if life had handed them something on a silver platter that spelled “Entitlement”.

We went on the reminiscing which makes you always feel old and it is an age old story that the new blood trows out the old blood with the bath water.

The crowd was still growing starting to become a blur, a blob of humanity and the sounds reverberated into a night less night.

At home I must have needed something to comfort me, something like a gallon of ice cream that always does the trick and makes you feel good about this world which still has such potential to become a better place.

Richard Schemmerer

on Alberta


Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Art for every taste at Gallery 903

This gallery space shines with a beautiful layout and a great variety of artists.
Art doesn't have to be conceptual to be contemporary and can impress just with its power of sheer beauty.

more info at